September 5, 2016

2016 Election Results

Ninety-One (91 of 305) ballots were returned which consisted of thirty-two (32 of 194) paper and fifty-nine (59 of 111) electronic ballots.

Voting Results (Paper/Electronic, Total):

PresidentEddie Rios (25/44, 69)
                 Richard Newman (5/6, 11)
                 Forrest Marler (0/1, 1)
                 Vish (0/1, 1)
                 No Vote (2/7, 9)
Vice PresidentForrest Marler (18/48, 66)
                         Anthony Guerra (4/2, 6)
                         Eddie Rios (0/2, 2)
                         R. Lynn Leone (0/4, 4)
                         No Vote (10/3, 13)

SecretaryLori Balkum (19/56, 75)
                 Eddie Rios (0/1, 1)
                 No Vote (13/2, 15)

TreasurerBarb Swafford (18/56, 74)
                 Eddie Rios (0/1, 1)
                 No Vote (14/2, 16)

Thank you to all that participated.  

If you received a paper ballot this year and would like to participate electronically in future elections, please send your name, mailing address and email address to Barb Swafford or Jeff French.

March 4, 2016

Spring Business Meeting - Agenda and Motions

Texas Chess Association
Spring General Body Meeting
Saturday, March 5, 2016
8:30 p.m.


  • Call to order by TCA President Lakshmana Viswanath
  • Approval of minutes from Fall 2015 Meeting
  • Old Business
    • Financial report – Barbara Swafford (Treasurer)
    • Report from Vish
    • New Business
  • Motion 1 - New Bylaw change motion by Luis Salinas
  • Motion 2 - New Bylaw change motion by Luis Salinas
  • Motion 3 - New Election procedures by Jeff French (Elections Committee)
  • Floor comments
  • Adjournment

Motion 1

Clarification of Article IX section 1 E

Only Texas residents or students enrolled in secondary or primary

schools (including home schools) in Texas may play in this event. In any case no student can play in two different state closed scholastic Championships.

Note that the sentence in bold italics is new and to be added to the bylaws


Students must Physically Live in Texas or Physically go to school in Texas during the school year.

1 Student goes to boarding school out of state.  Student cannot play in tournament as student does not physically live or attend school in Texas.
2. Student lives out of state but attends an internet school based in Texas.  Student is not allowed to play as the student does not physically go to school in Texas.
3. Student lives out of state but attends school in Texas. Student can play provided he does not also play in the other state’s closed scholastic championship.
4. A student whose parent(s) are in the military and live out of the country, but their official residence is Texas. Can play in the state scholastic as the student has no other state scholastic in which to compete.

Note that case 4 will be a know exception as expressed by a former TCA membership meeting. This body may choose otherwise.

Motion 2

The TCA assigns a committee to determine how the Denker, Barber and the National tournament of Girls Championship (formerly the NGIT) is determined.  The committee will produce a motion for consideration at the Fall TCA membership meeting.

A match will be played in either the first weekend or second weekend in June to determine the representatives.

Possible formats:
A central city in Texas will be chosen for the match. The winner of the North/Central Scholastic tournament will play a match to determining the Denker rep.  The Highest finishing girl in the North/Central scholastic and South Texas scholastic play a match to determining the NGIT rep.  The Winner of MS Champion of both the North/Central and South will play in a tournament to determine the winner of the Barber Champs.

Since a playoff is being held, the committee may possibly want to discuss whether the co-champions should also play in the tournaments.

During the SuperState, the current format can be used. But this should not stop the committee from discussing any possible changes.

September 10, 2015

Election & Survey Results

Fifty-One (51) valid ballots were received.  

Voting Results: 

President: Lakshmana Viswanath (36)
                Richard Newman (12) 
                Luis Salinas (1) 
                Adrian Stacey (1) 
                Tom Crane (1)

Vice President: Forrest Marler (36)
                        Eduardo Rios (12)
                        Todd Heine (1)
                        Luis Salinas(1) 

Secretary: Lori Balkum (48)
                Luis Salinas (1)
                Nicole Nieni (1) 

Treasurer: Barbara Swafford (50)  

Survey Results: 

Do you have internet access? Yes (44), No (5). 

Should the top player list include ALL players or only US residents? All (25), US only (21)

Thanks to all that participated.  A full copy of the meeting minutes will be included in the next issue of Texas Knights and can be viewed (and downloaded) here.

July 19, 2015

Ballots have been mailed.

TCA Ballots were mailed on Saturday, July 18th to all members that can vote.  You do however still have time to become a member and get a ballot.  The deadline is Wednesday, July 22nd at Midnight CDT.  

The only way to guarantee that we receive new memberships in time is for you to sign up online. You may sign up online here.  Payment through PayPal is required.

The next Texas Knights issue will contain candidate introductions from those candidates that have provided one.  The Texas Knights July-August 2015 issue will be online around August 1st and for those that receive the magazine, it should be in your mailbox sometime within the first week of August.

If you have not received you ballot by the time you receive the new issue of Texas Knights (or see it online), and you want to vote, please contact us so that we can resend your ballot to you.

July 4, 2015

TCA Elections 2015

The Texas Chess Association (TCA) elections are upon us.   Please read below for submission requirements and deadlines.

The Texas Knights (TK) Editor MUST have any candidate nominations (and candidate contact information [specifically a phone # and best time to call] for nomination acceptance verification) no later than July 12th.  Candidate nominations will not be accepted past July 12th.

July 15th is the deadline to have any initial candidate introductions to the TK Editor so they can be published in the upcoming issue of TK, to be printed early within the first week of August.  Soon after July 15th, you will receive a sample of your formatted introductions for review and modification (so you will know exactly what your introduction will look like in the upcoming issue of TK and you will have the opportunity to revise for content and space restrictions).   Again, candidates do get 1/2 page in TK for no cost.   Any additional space can be purchased at the current advertisement rates. It is recommended that candidates include a photograph for inclusion in any introductions.

All current candidates have been renominated, if you do not accept your nomination, The TK Editor needs to know no later than July 15th.

You are welcome to send nominations and/or introductions to the TK Editor by US Mail at P.O. Box 151804, Fort Worth, TX  76108 or email to  

Again, please note:  All nominations must be delivered by July 12th (and don't forget to provide contact information [phone # and best time to call] so that nomination acceptance can be verified).   All initial candidate introductions must be delivered by July 15th.   After midnight CDT on July 12th, it will be assumed all nominations have been received.   After midnight CDT on July 15th, it will be assumed all candidates that will be providing introductions have submitted a first draft (you will be notified when final drafts are required after July 15th).  If an initial introduction is NOT received from a candidate by July 15th, it is assumed that the candidate will NOT be providing an introduction for publication in TK.

May 27, 2015

2015 Texas State & Amateur Championship Winners

Congratulations to GM Julio Sadorra for his success at the Texas State Championship and to Benjamin Frenkel for his success in the Amateur Championships.   Both Championships were played between May 22nd and May 25th in Fort Worth, TX.   

State Championship Winner GM Julio Sadorra with
Luis Salinas and Chief TD Brian Yang

Amateur Championship Winner Benjamin Frenkel with
Luis Salinas and Chief TD Brian Yang

January 24, 2015

2015 Texas Scholastic Championship

The Texas Scholastic Championship is coming to McAllen this year!  Time to start making your plans for the weekend of March 28-29.

December 16, 2014

2015 Texas Masters

Texas Masters 5SS, G/90 inc/30. Dallas Chess Club, 200 S. Cottonwood Dr. #C, Richardson, TX 75080. FIDE and USCF rated but uses FIDE rules. Will use USCF ratings and rules for awarding prizes. Default late forfeiture time is one hour. TD may extend this time at TD’s discretion.  EF: USCF +2400 $90, USCF 2200-2400(or if you ever been rated 2200 USCF) $105, Fide rated 2000 and above is $140, U2200USCF/U2000Fide $175. USCF Membership Required. Texas Chess Association Membership also required for Texas players). $$b/25: 70% Guaranteed. $1600-800-400-275. U2400 $500. Reg.: 1/17:10:00-10:55 am. Rds.: Sat 11:30am, 5 pm ; Sun 11:30am, 5 pm; Mon 10 am. One bye if requested before end of round 2 and before given a full point bye or forfeit win. Players who withdraw or take a last round zero point bye are ineligible for prizes. ENT: Make/mail Checks payable to Dallas Chess Club, C/O Barbara Swafford, 2709 Longhorn Trail, Crowley TX, 76036-4719. INFO: Barb Swafford, 214-632-9000,, NS. NC. FIDE.

September 4, 2014

GM Leonid Kritz wins 80th Annual Southwest Open

Congratulations to GM Leonid Kritz for winning the Open section of the 80th Annual Southwest Open which was played August 29th-September 1st.  There were a total of 214 participants in the tournament with 25 players rated 2200 or higher. GM Kritz won with a score of 6.0/7 with five (5) wins and two (2) draws.

Luis Salinas and GM Leonid Kritz (Photo by Barbara Swafford)

June 4, 2014

Non-USCF Member Rated Game Pilot Program

The USCF is launching a pilot program in selected states allowing non-USCF members to play rated games based on a pay-per-game fee structure. The purpose of the pilot program is to explore ways to grow chess and introduce chess players unfamiliar with the USCF to the organization and rated play.

States agreeing to participate are Florida; Georgia; Texas. We hope you will support your state affiliate and agree to participate! States participating in the program would provide non-USCF members with the opportunity to play rated games based on a $2 per-game fee, not to exceed $10.00 per tournament. Byes, forfeits, or otherwise un-played games would not incur a charge.

Some restrictions apply including but not limited to:

All tournaments categorized as National Events, Grand Prix events, Jr. Grand Prix by the USCF are ineligible for this program;

Players must be new to USCF Rated tournaments and not be a current or past USCF member;

Local affiliates participating in the program must submit completed application form to the USCF office by June 9, 2014 and provide their State Affiliate with a copy;

All Pilot Program tournaments must be held between June 15, 2014 and August 15, 2014 and must be rated by August 31, 2014.

For questions concerning the program, please contact Joan DuBois: or 931-787-1234 ext. 123