May 30, 2007

State Championship Results

Congratulations to GM Gilberto Hernandez, who scored 6 out of 7 to win clear first place at the 2007 Texas State Championship. This is the first Texas Championship title for Hernandez, adding his name to the prestigious list of past winners. The Championship Section games were broadcast live on the Monroi website - a nice touch that will hopefully be repeated at future events.

The Amateur Championship saw a three-way tie for first place with Leo Bonnell, Alexander Steger, and Arthur Safin all finishing at 6-1.

On Saturday, 105 players competed in a separate K-12 scholastic event. Alexander Jiang scored a perfect 5-0 to win the Open section, while Richard Ay and Nick Zarosky both notched 5-0 scores to tie for first in the U-750 section.

See the final crosstables for complete results.

Special thanks to Luis Salinas, Francisco Guadalupe, Rob Jones, and Barb Swafford, for their hard work in organizing and running the event.

May 26, 2007

Watch the State Championship online!

The 2007 State Championship is underway in Houston with a field of 129 players, including GM Gilberto Hernandez. You can watch the games from the championship section live on the Monroi website!

Round 3 sees the two highest-rated players in the tournament facing each other in Morshedi-Hernandez.

May 24, 2007

TCA Membership List

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May 22, 2007

Texas Knights Magazine - Online!

The March-April 2007 issue of Texas Knights magazine is now available for download. This issue covers several recent events, including the Texas Team Championship, Texas Masters & Class Championships, New Year Open, and Ken Smith Memorial. Thanks to Selby Anderson for making this happen!

To view the chessboard diagrams, you must install the DiagramTTFritz font. (If you're a ChessBase user, you may already have this font installed.) If you need help installing the font, read these instructions.

TCA members receive 6 issues of Texas Knights per year. If you aren't a member, sign up now!

May 3, 2007

Texas Action Championship results

Five players tied for first place at the 2007 Texas Action Championship in San Antonio. Congratulations to Selby Anderson, Arthur Macaspac, Anthony Guerra, Ju Ahn, and Gabriel Guerra who each finished with a 4-1 score.