September 18, 2008

Southwest Open wrapup

GM Alejandro Ramirez, IM Salvijus Bercys, IM Puchen Wang, and IM Jacek Stopa each scored 5.5/7 to tie for first place at the Southwest Open, held Labor Day weekend in Fort Worth.

In the Reserve section, Eric Lu scored an impressive 6.5/7 to win first place by a clear point. Eric's rating has risen by 140 points in his last two events, so it looks like Austin will have another expert soon.

Thanks to the 155 players who turned out and made it a great event, and a special thanks to the organizers: Susan Breeding, Francisco Guadalupe, and Luis Salinas.

Final round, board 1: IM Pachen Wang and IM Jacek Stopa

NM Tautvydas Vedrickas and NM Drew Sarkisian. Sarkisian
scored the upset to finish with 5/7, good for the U2200 prize.